Since 2013, we have led the effort to  develop nebulizer devices for both home and hospital settings. At Aura we partner with the nation's leading pharmaceutical giants to develop their drug delivery devices.

Our Mission

The answer to your health is our mission. 

We are hard at work developing the drug delivery devices of tomorrow.  Leading pharma and biotech companies have realized the potential and efficacy of inhaled drugs and the market has literally exploded. The industry leaders are formulating many versions of inhalable insulin, heart medication and of course respiratory drugs. That makes taking a dose--- clean, smart and painless.

We work tirelessly to develop state of the art delivery devices for maximum drug efficacy.

What We've Achieved

  •  October 2013 Aura Medical is founded with a mission to change respiratory devices.
  • Decemeber 2013 Aura Medical Launches our first generation VMT nebulizer
  • February 2014 partner with American Association for Respiratory Care to educate the medical community about our technology.
  • September 2014  Nebulizer sales exceed 1M USD
  • March 2015 Aura Partners with Pharmaceutical Giant MCAT to develop their devices in KSA
  • January 2016 Alliance with leading biotech in China and USA to design and develop specific polymide mesh for use with low PH formulations.
  • July 2017  R&D Partner with CI Therapeutics