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In 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated Peurto Rico. Aura Medical was there.

 – Puerto Rico is still picking up the pieces after Hurricane Maria left a trail of devastation.

Our Bill Anderson took part in a rescue mission. He spent the day with doctors and companies there who are doing what they can to help, for goodness sake.

The trip was the most recent in a partnership between two local health providers RWJ Barnabas Health and Care One. They’ve been flying over supplies and doctors but this time FOX 29’s Bill Anderson got to go with them.

Health Advocate Roberto Prats explained that things are worse than most imagine.

“The situation is like nothing we ever thought that we would be living, but it is what it is and we’re moving forward.”

Roberto met us at the airport, he’s an attorney and health advocate aiding the recovery, and his message was clear the lack of necessary resources leads to fatal results.

“We have already identified about 42 people who have died as a direct consequence of the hurricane. The number continues to grow mainly from issues involving other diseases related to hurricane and sanitation and decent water to drink,’ Prats explained.

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