Portable Nebulizers Vs. Tabletop Nebulizers - Which is Best for Me?

There are two types of nebulizer available for consumers, table top or portable nebulizes. Table top nebulizers are heavy and they are not meant to be carried around. They need an electric outlet for operation. Portable nebulizers on the other hand can be carried around easily and are light weight devices. Portable nebulizers offer many benefits compared to table top nebulizers.

Nebulizer Machine: Setup, Uses, Costs and Everything You Need To Know

A nebulizer is a breathing device used in the management of respiratory diseases such as Asthma, chronic obstructive lung/pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, and a few other lung conditions. A nebulizer machine delivers medication in the form of vapors or mist which is inhaled by the patient, typically through a mouthpiece. It is often used when the usually prescribed inhalers are difficult to use or become ineffective for the patient. A nebulizer provides the drug with lesser effort and is the treatment of choice when the condition of the patient is worsening.