DECEMBER 21 2018


Revolutionary Product

For as long as I can remember I have been suffering from Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis. Throughout the years I have tried every single product touted to provide relief. Some have worked better than others but the only true option for relief has been nasal saline irrigation 3 times daily which I absolutely HATE doing. My flare ups usually occur in the fall/winter season and they are at times so bad that I can hardly hold up my head straight. During those days there is no way I can skip rinsing if I want to survive the day. I had originally seen this product on Kickstarter but did not want to take the risk waiting for a product that was still in production. As soon as I found that this was released on Amazon I immediately bought it. Upon arrival, I was disappointed to find that there was no solution included in the kit. But I had purchased the Avya and Himalayan Saline Solution at a discount. The product feels very well built and comes in a nice carry case. I have now used it about 5 times and the results have been lifechanging. First off- this is COMFORTABLE and SIMPLE to use. No more messy running water. The steam is warm, instant and very soothing. I have been doing this faithfully twice daily as recommended and I feel amazing!! I especially love the Himalayan Solution for its known health benefits. I wish I had found this product ten years ago!!!

Jeff B.

  JANUARY 1 2019


Incredible product for those with allergies

This product is pretty amazing. I have been as asthma sufferer for my entire life. Between inhalers and nebulizers, it became very expensive to keep up with my condition. Add to that my allergies and it's a little bit of a nightmare managing my breathing. Enter the Avya Sinus Steamer. The product is sleek, well designed, simple to use, and does what its intended to do. I decided to purchase the pre-made solutions instead of trying to make my own (which you can, instructions are included in the kit but I was really interested in the Himalayan Salt solution, so decided to get both to try out). The Himalayan salt solution ended up being my personal favorite for clearing up some breathing problems that I had due to my aforementioned allergies (dust, pollen, etc). The solution is pre-packaged and measured so you don't have to guess how much to add; as mentioned it was very easy to get set up and running. It was also a nice feature to be able to pick your preferred steam temperature as well. I personally found the higher temp better for me, but it's great to have options. Aside from the product being simple to use the cleaning process is quite quick as well. The guide that was included with the device is straight forward and outlines everything you need to do to keep the unit running like it should. If you have breathing trouble, you would be hard pressed to find a better unit to help you breath better. It's clean (non-medicated) and it works. I'm happy to have found this product, I will be using it going forward to help manage my allergies and asthma.


  DECEMBER 27 2018



Wow! This product works like magic. I have been using this for my fussy 2 year old to help clear up his chronic cold and stuffy nose. He loves using and operating his new toy! So glad I found this product. No longer need to put up a fight to wipe/ rinse his nose dry. Product is made very well and has withstood several drops and kiddie handling. Highly recommended!!!

Amazon Customer

  JANUARY 7 2019



Bought this on a whim and I am absolutely thrilled! Avya works amazingly well to open my sinuses and relieved my sinus pressure almost immediately. Product has a quality construction- nice rubberized grip and the battery pack has lasted me more than 6 sessions without needing a charge. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis like me I urge you to give this a try.

Dodie P.

  JANUARY 21 2019


Awesome Product!

I was diagnosed with recurring sinusitis many years ago. This week with the cold weather was no different, so in a frantic search for relief, I found this product online and took a chance. I have been using so many other things, I didn’t really give it much hope but I was so wrong! The instructions were simple and easy and after two days, I feel like the sinus pressure is all but gone. They even tell you how to make your own saline, which is amazing. Looking forward to another great night's sleep tonight, something I've been missing. I'll be using this machine for years to come and even told my mother, who has similar issues to get one of her own.

Skylight Freedom

  JANUARY 7 2019



I purchased this product for my self and was very excited I found something so unique. I wanted to have alternative to nasal cleaner (it drives me nuts to use it:)) and I found this item. I can tell you that it DOES WORK! Moreover, it works so well that I bought another unit for my Grandmother because she was recently hospitalized with water in her lungs and after she started using this product she is felling SO MUCH better and had so much mucus come out which is unbelievable. Today my Friend told me her doctor told her she has chronic bronchitis and I decided to get another unit for her. It is expensive, but it worth it. She didn't use it yet, but I have no doubts it will help her because I my self feel so good after using it and my Grandma is getting better and told me this item is a blessing, THANK YOU!!! I LOVE this! It does help people and most importantly you can use it without much effort. Just sit, relax and inhale. That's it.PERFECT!


  JANUARY 8 2019

I purchased the Avya Sinus Steamer together with the Navage nasal clearing device to help out with my chronic sinus congestion and allergies. Both devices seem to be working well, but I personally like the Avya better. I have no reservations about using this in a public space and have already recommended it to a coworker. Vapor is nice and thick and it seems to be working well especially for my sinus headaches. Avya goes wherever I go! Thank you!


  JANUARY 29 2019



I just received my Avya Sinus Steamer this morning and after just one use (with the Himalayan solution) I have found relief. I have chronic inflammation of my sinus, due to an inconvenient allergy to grass and haven't been able to breath through my left nostril since 1974. The warm steam is gentle, healing and feels comforting, unlike what I've experienced with full-on-water irrigation. The steamer is quality built and if it holds-up-to-use, it is well worth the cost. I can't wait to share the information on this unit with my ENT and Allergist.

Jan Hidden

  JANUARY 21 2019

Hi everyone, I have had my Avya steamer for a couple of weeks now. For my never-ending sinus/asthma issues I have previously used a Mabis tabletop steamer (works well and I love being able to add essential oils but clunky & takes a long time sitting there plus messes up my hair with all the steam), a travel cup made for steaming (we loved the concept but both my adult daughter and I burnt our top lips on this!), a bowl with a towel over my head (doesn't stay hot long enough to make any real difference), sticking my face in the just-finished dishwasher (lol it does work for a moment!), neti pots (I never got good at this & wouldn't stick to using them.. .), and blazing hot showers with & without either nasal lavages or or coconut oil pulling (best option but not great for portability and both are kinda gross.. .), and I am here to say that the Avya is proving to be my best option to date! It is portable and easy to use and maintain. The charge really lasts a very long time - I didn't time it but I have charged it twice in two weeks & I have used it daily twice/three times a day. I like it on the hottest setting with regular saline and it gets up into my sinuses and makes it easy to blow everything out within a few minutes so I can go about my day. I am a satisfied customer. It is expensive but after owning two Aura Nebs by the same company I knew it would be a quality product and I was not disappointed - I have had another brand from China that stopped working and was stuck with it. I am a teacher & love that I am able to put it into my school bag & steam privately as no big deal when I am alone in my classroom for just a few minutes - it truly makes all the difference to my day! Like the Aura Neb, the Avya is a class act. I have not needed it, but I understand this company has a great return policy. Edit: my favorite thing is to put colloidal silver in with the saline - powerful healing!!


  FEBRUARY 13 2019


New User

One or two vials of the saline solution should be included. Cleaning somewhat detailed. Also nowhere does it say how much of the homemade solution is to be used. I like the warm steam, I feel confident it will help with my sinusitis in the long run.